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Trees need nutrients from the soil to survive. In the urban setting, soils are rarely replenished with any organic matter, the main source of mineral nutrition. Plants lacking in nutrition will not reach their full landscape potential; they may survive, but not thrive.

Plants deficient in one or more essential nutrients often show symptoms such as:

  • Stunted branch growth
  • Leaf discoloration
  • Small leaf size
  • Leaf distortion
  • Twig Dieback


Top Notch Treecare Fertilization Programs

Customized to address any soil deficiencies.

Slow release products are used so 1 application lasts 2 years.

Includes essential micronutrients that are commonly deficient such as iron & manganese; not just nitrogen for growth.

Incorporates organic matter to improve the health of the soil.

Specifically targets tree roots by applying below the soil.


Tree FertilizationTree Fertilization

Lawn fertilization is NOT the same as tree fertilization

Dormant Pruning  

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nutrient deficiency

80% of tree health and vitality problems begin with the half of the tree you don't see — the roots and the soil ecosystem.










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