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Injections - Oaks and Elms

Oak wilt and Dutch elm disease are diseases that are fatal to thousands of trees across the metro every year. Management has two essential components - treating healthy or newly infected trees by injection, and the removal of diseased trees and wood. Injections can only be done from June through September. The removal of diseased elms should be done as soon as possible. Diseased oak trees are to be removed during dormancy. Never prune oaks during the growing season.

Diseased Elm

Key elements to Top Notch Treecare's injection program:

  • Diagnosis
  • Applicator training
  • Chemical selection
  • Injection procedures
  • Monitoring

Root Flare Excavation Root Flare Preparation Setting Injection Tees

Warranty Information

Most elm and oak injections come with a conditional warranty. The terms and duration of the warranty are determined by an assessment of site conditions.

Elm Tree  
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Root Flare Injection

Since 1995, we have injected thousands of elm trees with an annual success rate of 99.36%.





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